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Save on pet ID tags throughout the month of June. Choose the tag that best suits your pet's personality. We have plates in many colors and shapes. There are bones, medals, hearts, stars and more. Many of the plates we offer are in our online store. You can also find other models if you visit us in person.

Why do we want you to save on pet ID tags?

Did you know that a pet wearing an ID tag is 2.5 times more likely to be returned to its home? It can happen to any of us. We don't realize it and suddenly our faithful friend is no longer in the house. When we get lucky and a good person finds our pet, the ID tag makes it very easy for that person to contact us immediately. ID tags are a very good tool to protect our pets. Don't let the moment pass, you never know when it may be needed.

Why is is especcially important to save on pet ID tags during the summer?

El verano es un cambio de rutina y grandes vacaciones. Tristemente es también la época del año en donde se pierden más mascotas. Si tu mascota pasa contigo el verano en casa, los cambios de rutinas pueden crear desorden en que puertas se cierran o quien entra y sale de casa. Si tu mascota viaja contigo es también muy importante que tengan su identificación, en especial en un lugar que no conocen bien. Finalmente, si tu mascota va a estar resguardada en algún albergue asegúrate de que tenga su placa de identificación.

Summer brings with it a change of routine and maybe a trip. Sadly, it is also the time of year when the most pets are lost. If your pet spends the summer with you at home, changes in routines can create a risk for open doors as people come in and out of the house. If your pet travels with you, it is also very important that they have their ID tags, especially in a place they do not know well. Finally, if your pet is going to be staying in a shelter, make sure it has its identification tag.

1 in 3 pets are lost at some point in their lives. If your pet goes missing, an ID tag can make all the difference. Make sure it is up to date and on its collar. Take advantage of discounts on pet tags.

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